Does my lot purchase come with a boat slip?

Unfortunately, it does not. The main boat launch in town is 5 minutes away. The Sunbreaker Cove public boat launch is approximately 12 minutes away.

When completed, how many Homesites will there be at The Slopes?

49, broken down as follows: 16 Villa Lots, 20 Hillside Lots, 13 Estate Lots.

Why are there Architectural Design Guidelines?

These Design Guidelines are intended to ensure all members of The Slopes of Sylvan Lake team – the Developer, Architectural Coordinator, Homebuilders and Homeowners alike – fully realize the spectacular opportunity that is The Slopes. Our common goal is a master‐planned community of lasting beauty and value. This goal is to set a distinctive tone and a commanding precedent. The community is being planned, built and marketed with an uncompromising commitment. Community Design Guidelines are also critical for you the purchaser, so that your home maintains (or increases) its value.

Are dogs allowed at The Slopes?

Yes. But dogs must be on a leash at all times.

Is fencing allowed at The Slopes?

Yes, fencing is allowed. However. with careful design, the proper level of privacy can be achieved by judiciously placed groups of plants. Where fences are needed for safety or security, they must be designed according to the same overall principles as the rest of the site. Where necessary, fences may only be up to 1.83m (6 ft) high. Privacy fencing may be erected in rear yards to enclose an area of no more than: Villa Lots: n/a Hillside Lots: 55.74 m2 (600 sq. ft). Estate Lots: 74.32 m2 (800 sq. ft). Privacy fencing enclosures should be designed as a courtyard, its shape coordinated with the form of the house, and its materials complementary to the house materials. The courtyard should make a graceful transition from the house to the more natural features of the yard.

When I buy a lot, do I need to install a septic field or drill a water well?

Each lot at The Slopes is serviced via the Sylvan Lake Regional Wastewater Line. This translates into a realized savings of approximately $35,000 - $50,000 per lot over comparable developments which require sanitary tanks/pumps. It also features a communal piped water system which is treated on-site at its own million dollar state-of-the-art Water Treatment Facility. The Slopes incorporates a pressurized water and on-site storage system complete with fire protection. This will result in an estimated savings in annual home insurance of approximately 20%-25%.

What is the building commitment?

From the day you take title of your homesite, you have 24 months to begin construction and another 18 months to complete construction after commencement.

What do you mean by "fully serviced" homesites?

Every Slopes homesite (lot) comes connected to the same regional services you'd expect from living in town. "Fully serviced" means your home will be connected to potable water, sanitary and storm sewer, electricity, natural gas, and telephone. Ours is the first community in the watershed to offer fully serviced lots.

When will Phase II lots be ready?

Ideally, we'd like them to be available for Spring 2019. They've proved to be very popular and we've even begun to take reservations. If you'd like to reserve your Hillside or Estate Lot in Phase II, please contact us and we'd be happy to discuss the process with you.

Where is The Slopes of Sylvan Lake located?

From Highway 2 drive West on Highway 11a for 15 kilometers to Highway 20 then North 1 kilometre to Township Road 392. Turn left on 392 and follow the road down and around the corner intersection of Range Road 14 and Birchcliff Road (the Summer Village of Birchcliff). Go North on RR 14 to the entrance located on the left hand side.

How do lot sizes compare to those in the Sylvan Lake or Red Deer

We offer three (3) types of homesites (lots). They are Villa Lots (.15 acres or 6,000 square feet), Hillside Lots (0.35 acres or 5,000 square feet) and Estate Lots (.75 acres or 35,000 square feet). By comparison, most new Sylvan Lake and Red Deer communities offer a standard that is approximately 0.10 acres (35' x 120'), and other ‘estate' communities offer lots that are typically about 0.14 acres (50' x 120'). This means that you could fit over two standard sized city lots into our Hillside Lots. Furthermore, the standard distance between homes in the city is 4-8 feet, while The Slopes' minimum separation between homes is 25 feet.

When will the amenity areas and pathways be completed?

For obvious reasons, these areas will not be completed until homes are under construction. We are contractually obligated to Lacombe County - via title registration and holdbacks - to complete these areas which are so vital to the long-term vision of the community.

Can I bring my own builder?

Yes, but any builder is still subject to the same architectural design standards. Please ask us about our builder program and Design Guidelines submission process.

I don't like the four architectural styles the developer has chosen for The Slopes.

That is totally ok - there are so many great styles to choose from. We'll be happy to work with you to make sure your forever-home fits the style which best suits your taste and lifestyle. However, please note that extremely modern homes or log homes will not be permitted.