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The Slopes' refined Design Guidelines make a powerful statement about our commitment to creating value and sustaining the integrity of the community vision.  They will ensure  aesthetic appeal and cohesiveness while accommodating opportunities for the individual expression that will give The Slopes of Sylvan Lake one-of-a-kind character. 
Sylvan Lake Homes - Beautiful Estates - Craftsman design - Slopes of Sylvan Lake


The distinguishing characteristics of this style include moderate pitched roofs with dormers, covered front verandas, decorative beams or braces, and traditional building materials in deep, rich colours.  Masonry is essential to this style, though it is typically used as a base element to ground the home and create a sense of stability.

Family Homes Alberta - Modern Farmhouse - Slopes of Sylvan Lake


Modern farmhouse combines the sleek clean lines of contemporary design with the cozy farmhouse aesthetic to create a uniquely fresh take on the country living inspired style.

A Modern farmhouse exterior is often a perfect blend of modern and traditional elements. Whether it's a fabulous farm porch or siding made with reclaimed wood, homes that hearken back to simpler times can be expertly styled with an of-the-moment feel. 

Lakeside Property - French Country Style Homes - Slopes of Sylvan Lake


Historically, French Country dwellings were working rural buildings whose massing and planning were somewhat informal. Often clustered around courtyards and stable yards, they formed a picturesque impression of casual elegance and refined style.  Steeper pitched hip roof forms, multiple front gables, dormers, distinctive chimneys and prominent entry porches are telltale characteristics of a French Country home.

Sylvan Lake Estates - Ranch Style Homes - Slopes of Sylvan Lake


While ranch style homes are defined by form - spacious structures with low-pitch roofs, large windows, open floor plans and sunny patios - the spirit of the ranch home is all about function.  It's a place to come to after a long day of work or adventures... A place where friends and family reconvene to celebrate the beauty of the landscape that surrounds them.

Alberta Home Builders - Arts and Crafts - Slopes of Sylvan Lake


The Arts & Crafts movement began in Britain in the late 1800's with artist, poet, and social reformer William Morris who envisioned a return to the sanctuary of the hand-hewn craftsmanship in response to the ornate opulence and the industrial dehumanization of the Victorian Era. Morris favoured simplicity, quality and intelligent design.
Taking the picturesque charm of the English country cottage as their inspiration, Arts and Crafts architects created homes in widely varied forms. The key characteristic of the Arts and Crafts home is its asymmetrical, irregular form. 

Canada Dream Home - Sylvan Lake Estates - Prairie style homes - Slopes of Sylvan Lake


The Prairie style of residential design was developed by Frank Lloyd Wright, often in somewhat more urban situations, but it is particularly appropriate for the estate setting of The Slopes.

Prairie buildings are, as Wright said, “married to the ground.” They celebrate the long, low landscape. Their most defining characteristic is their emphasis on the horizontal rather than the vertical. They spread out over their lots, featuring flat or shallow hipped roof lines, rows of windows, overhanging eaves and bands of stone, wood or brick across the surface. Thin Roman bricks sometimes enhance the effect and cantilevers often extend the horizontal line without vertical support. 

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