Building your dream home is an exciting experience. It can also feel intimidating. To help you along this rewarding journey, we've outlined a few easy steps to help simplify the purchase, design and home building experience.
We are your partner in this process and our industry connections can simplify and enhance your experience.

STEP 4: Choose Your Team

Choosing the right consultant group in this journey is extremely important. You want to make sure you can work effectively with your team to make your vision a reality. This "team" may or may not include a lender, a builder, an architect and an interior designer. You have a few options to consider. You may select an architect/designer first who can then help you get bids from potential builders. Conversely, some custom home builders offer internal design services or can help you find an architect. The Slopes is a full service developer who can also help guide you in this process. We have a select group of approved builders, architects and designers who wholeheartedly believe in the architectural vision of this development. Recommendation: Regardless of the direction you choose, make sure you obtain references. Don't be afraid to ask questions to help you gain trust in your team. Ask for the names of previous clients, suppliers and subcontractors. Get their opinions: Were they satisfied? Was the project managed effectively? Get sample contracts, construction schedules and warranties.

STEP 2: Find Your Lot

You've chosen The Slopes as the community where you would like to build your dream home. There are only 49 lots, so choosing the one that suits you and your vision the best is critical. Lot selection is extremely personal and there’s no single style that’s better than all the others. It’s all about you and what your family need. If you’re looking for a big backyard for the kids, you’ll want to consider a pie-shaped lot. Some people want to be close to amenity areas so it’s easy to meet up with friends, while others want to be far away from any noise. If you prefer being closer to nature, you might want to be closer to our ponds and pathway system. Recommendation: Take some time to become familiar with your land. Walk around it and take in the views. You could even stand on a ladder to find out what you could see from an upper floor. See how the sunlight falls on the site at different times of day. Does the lot you're choosing match your vision from Step 1?

STEP 1: Fashion Your Dream

In the beginning, long before construction ever begins, you need to fashion ideas and elements that you envision for your “perfect home.” Collect photos and tear sheets. Tour completed homes in and outside your city or town. Chat with an interior designer. Begin to outline preferences in regard to architectural style, room function, design elements, product features and lifestyle requirements. Recommendation: Set-up a Pinterest account and begin creating the vision for your home.

STEP 3: Purchase Your Lot

Once you have chosen, you will speak to the developer about making a lot purchase. You will be provided with a Purchase Agreement, grade slips, land title, surveys and other pertinent information. Make sure to have your lawyer review these documents. Like any new purchase, you'll make a deposit during the conditional period. If you are building right away, you'll probably consider a construction draw mortgage vs a pure land loan. Recommendation: Ask lots of questions and rely on the professionals (lawyer, bank, mortgage boker). Your developer can also help facilitate this process, so don't hesitate to ask.

STEP 5: Help Craft Your Design

Designing your custom home will require extensive discussions with your architect/designer to analyze the cost/benefit of various options, establish a budget, and finalize specific design and floor plan ideas, features and product elements to be included and that best match your “dream” home. The Slopes also has crafted exceptional Architectural Design Guidelines to help facilitate this process. Unlike a production home, there is no typical time limit for the above elements. The timing of this process also depends on you. Keep in mind that designing your dream home and preparing for construction could take months. Recommendation: This is where your visioning becomes critical. Your team will help make your design become a reality. Planning in "non-constrution" months will be key to ensure you can maximize your construction timeline.

STEP 6: Construction

Now is the time to watch your dream become a reality. Construction of your home may be divided into two parts. Phase One starts on the outside and includes: foundation, framing, rough-ins and drywall. Phase Two moves inside and includes: cabinets and trim, painting, flooring and tiling. Landscaping is typically the final phase. In addition to the decisions you need to make when formulating your home design with your architect, numerous selections may be required of you during construction. On a typical 12 month building schedule for a custom home, significant buyer input on design decisions, product and color selections will be required in at least 9 of the 12 months. Recommendation: Breathe. You have spent a lot of time researching and planning with the builder of your choice. Now is the time to trust them and allow them to shine. Resist the temptation to visit your site daily. Not only does it give the builder room to manage a live construction site, but you'll also loved being surprised and excited by the process.